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We offer a comprehensive logistic service in the customs areas to meet import and export operations as we provide a team of experts in technical consulting, tariff study, border laws and ports of Honduras. This is why we are the best solution your company’s export and import needs.

* Port Cabello, State of Carabobo-Venezuela.
    * Port Guaira, State of Vargas-Venezuela.
    * Maracaibo’s Port, State of Zuila-Venezuela.
    * Port El Guamache, State of Nueva Esparta-Venezuela.
    * Guanta’s Port, State of Anzoatengui-Venezuela.
    * Manzanillo Int. Terminal-Panama.
    * Colon Container Terminal-Panama.
    * Panama’s Port-Panama.
    * Cristobal’s Port-Panama.
    * Balboa’s Port-Panama.
    * Miami’s Port-USA.

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